Eyeliner Tattooing

Applying eyeliner without looking like you’ve been crying all night is something we’ve all struggled with. Well, it’s time to say goodbye to that problem for good. Whether you’re going for a subtle look or something extra, I’ll help you achieve your beauty goals.

How Do You Start?

In the first step, I will draw on your eye line with a pencil to get your preferred shape, length, color, and thickness. Next, I’ll apply a numbing cream, so you feel relaxed and calm during the procedure by letting it sit for 20 minutes.

After that, I’ll use a medical-grade device to create the shape of the permanent eyeliner tattoo. It’s important to mention that all the items that touch your skin will be discarded post-use. I do that to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Does Your Permanent Eye Liner Need a Touch-Up? 

Yes, I tell all my clients to come back for a touch-up within two months of the treatment. However, keep in mind that it’s only available for clients who’ve had permanent eyeliner microblading performed at Ido microblading.

In the touch-up session, I’ll assess your eye line to refresh the eyeliner, fill in the gaps, or darken the color. Although you can skip it, please note that you must return to ensure your eyeliner’s shape and color are set. And before visiting, make sure you’re not wearing extensions.

Can You Share Post-Microblading Tips?

  • Give the permanent eye liner a week to heal.
  • Return to my salon for a touch-up.
  • Let the eyeliner color peel and fade. It’s a part of the process.
upper or lower
Upper and lower
Add-on (thickness or winged)
Upper or lower 12-month touch up
Upper and lower 12-month touch up

Important: It’ll take around two hours to complete the treatment.