Privacy And Policy

privacy and policy

At Ido microblading, I aim to bring out your inner beauty for the world to see. To achieve that, I leave no stone unturned in providing a pampered experience. That said, please note that you have to play your part as well. And that includes following these Policies, which I’ve written to ensure there’s no room for miscommunication or misrepresentation afterward.

Take your time to read these Policies thoroughly.


Ido microblading is an appointment-only salon. This means I do not accept walk-in clients. So, please make sure to book an appointment before visiting my salon. To do that, email me at or call me at +917-660 3509.

I would gladly accommodate you if you would like your appointment to be put on hold. However, please note that failure to appear or canceling your appointment later than the specified period will result in a fine.


Since I want the best for you, I offer a free consultation. But if you do not appear on the time and day of consultation or cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled consultation, you will be charged a penalty fee.

If you book a complete appointment, there’s no need to visit my salon separately for a consultation, as I begin all my sessions with detailed discussions.


Perfecting Sessions

The Perfecting Session is a part of my treatment that entails setting up the color and shape of your eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, or hairline. I tell all my clients to return for the Perfecting Session within two months of the initial treatment.

Therefore, remember to schedule the Perfection Session appointment before you leave the salon. You must show up on the decided day and time or cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled Perfection Session appointment to avoid being charged a penalty for rescheduling.

Touch Up Sessions

Another significant part of my treatment are the Touch Up Sessions, 6 month touch up and 12 months touch up. 6 month touch up prices are valid within six months of your last session. Beyond seven months, touch ups will turn into a twelve month touch up session/price. 

Please note that you may only appear for the Touch Up Session if you had the initial work done at Ido microblading.


You may be unable to make it to your appointment due to a last-minute change in your schedule – and that’s completely fine. However, you must also understand that I often have clients waiting for me. So, please let me know about your change in plans at least 24 hours before your scheduled session so I can accommodate someone else.

If you do not show up on the scheduled date and time or cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged  50% of the original treatment cost.


At Ido microblading, I take my work seriously. And to provide the best results, you must arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment. If you arrive 15 or more minutes late, I may let another client take your place.


  • All treatments are non-refundable.
  • If you have medical conditions, I will require a permit from your doctor stating the treatment will not harm you.
  • I do not perform treatments on pregnant and nursing women and those under 18.
  • Children and pets (except for service animals) are not allowed in the treatment area. If you must bring them, please have a friend or family member accompany you, so the kids or pets can be looked after in the waiting area.